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The filmmakers wanted to take the time out to say thanks to all of those who have continued to show interest and support for The Road Home." Now March is upon us and many have expressed interest in obtaining a copy of the movie via DVD, at this time, a DVD version of the movie is being produced, but will not be ready for distribution for at least a few more weeks. So with the growing interest in the movie, we the Filmmakers are proud to present an exciting way to let all enjoy The Road Home one more time, or maybe even for the first time. (more...)



Music from The Road Home

The Road Home Soundtrack has just been added to the website here. Among the contibuting artists are Blame It On Society, Brady Alan Jones, and bluegrass band, Out and Runnin. Also contributing to the album is the film's director, Mark Smith. (More)

Click HERE to listen.

The Road Home Premier Video

We would like to thank everyone for coming out to the Belcourt on December 4th. However, if you were unable to make it or maybe you would like to look back at the event one more time, a video of the event is now available here. Please keep checking back for new updates and announcments in the coming weeks. In the mean time sign up for our mailing list or the RSS feed, which provides automatically updated feed to you computer and can be viewed in Internet Explorer 7 and Mozilla Firefox. Click here to subscribe to The Road Home blogspot RSS feed.



December 4th at the Belcourt

A few Pictures have been posted from the premier of The Road Home at the Belcourt Theatre on Thursday December 4th, 2008. Please, leave coments if you have them, or if you have questions, please send them to . Also, now that you've seen the movie, we would ask if you wanted to, you can go to and write a review. Click on the link below to view the pictures, and please check back for the video comign soon. Once again, thank you for all your support, and Happy Holidays to all.

UPDATED with New Pictures HERE!- 12/10/08


A Sit Down with Tyson Smith

Since completing The Road Home, Tyson Smith, who plays Will, has been a very busy man. In addition to moving to LA, he has also been busy working on a new project. . I had a chance to speak with him last week, and he was kind enough to take a trip down memory lane and reflect back on the movie. (more...)




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