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Dear Brady: I have been trying to get this guy I like at office to notice me, but no matter what I do, he never seems to notice. I've tried flirting, I've wore low cut tops and micro miniskirts with really uncomfortable heels. I've even tried to act ditsy, in the event he prefers a less than intelligent woman. Anyway, I'm running out ideas and thought that maybe you could help. Thanks. - Mandy

Well, I don't know about this dude at the office, but you got me interested. Seriously, though, have you ever stopped to think, that maybe your just not that hot, at least, maybe not to this chief? Youíve got to remember, what makes one of us crowded in the pants, might not do it for another. Different strokes for different folks, you know what Iím saying? Hell, he might not like girls at all. A shame, I know, but it happens. Besides, you're forgetting Brady's number one rule for dating: "Donít get your honey where you make your bread." - Brady

Dear Brady: Iíve been reading your letters and I have to say, youíre a real A**HOLE.I mean people come to you and ask for your advice, and all you do is yell at them, or make fun of them or berate them. All you do is add to their misery more than you help. You are a sorry individual, and the last person anyone should go to for advice. Ė Paul

Hey Paul, Just so you know, I respect your opinion. Also, I agree with you. Iím the last person that should be giving people advice. At least people I donít know. They should be going to their friends or family, not a stranger. But sometimes they canít, and thatís where I come in. now as for the other stuff in your letterÖ if you want to call me an a**hole, try to my face you chicken s**t bastard. You people, you internet people, who go on websites and talk bad about people or movies or music or whatever, yaíll all need to go out and get a F**king life. Seriously, GET OUT OF MOMMYíS HOUSE. Quit playing World of f**king WarCraft, meet a girl, get some p**sy and live a normal life like the rest of us. Jesus you people make me sick. Ė Brady  

Dear Brady: My Mom and Dad are getting a divorce. Iím old enough that this doesnít really bother me that much, in fact I hate to say it, but Iíve seen it coming for some time now. The question that I have is how should I explain this to my eight year old little brother? Iím just afraid of what this might do to him in the years to come, or that maybe he just wonít understand. Any advice would be appreciated. Ė Sarah

Hey Sarah, I really am sorry about all this. Divorce is never a good thing, especially when kids are involved. Honestly, your parents should be responsible enough to talk to you and your brother about whatís going on. But if you have the type of parents that canít be depended on, my advice to you is to talk to your brother yourself. Let him know that sometimes Moms and Dads just donít love each other anymore, or that sometimes Moms and Dads get lazy or selfish and forget about the needs of the people they love and only care about themselves. No matter how you explain it, you need to let your brother know, that you love him and you will always be there for him. Also it helps to explain that this also means two birthdays, two Christmases, twoÖ well two of everything. And thatís not bad at all. - Brady  

Hey Brady: It's Randy, where the hell are you? Me and Danny are sittin here with half a gallon of Wild Turkey waitin on you. Are you f**cking around on the GD internet? Get your ass over here.

Oh s**t. Um, I am on my way... oh, yeah, shut the f**k up Danny. - Brady



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